Welcome to Waiapu

Stunning vistas, picturesque landscapes, art deco buildings, rolling surf beaches, and above all vibrant, passionate people make up our diocese in the North Island of Aotearoa  New Zealand.

We are known within our Church as a diocese committed to youth, social services, unity in diversity and, as our Mission Statement says, ‘Knowing Jesus and making Jesus known’. 


The latest in a series of Detailed Seismic Assessment (DSA) reports has been provided to Napier City Council and work can now get underway to investigate any risks to the Cathedral remaining open and the costs for bringing the Cathedral up to building standard.

You can review the report here and see the media statement issued by the Diocese here.

This is Us: Who are we as Anglicans LENT 2023 - Link to the Lenten Resources

Ministry Education 2022- Ministry Standards and New Legislation

Resources available here to the following education modules- 

Module 1:Royal Commission and New Title D Legislation

Module 2: Power in Ministry

New upload 7/9/2022 - Ministry Standards Presentation video by Bishop Andrew

Ministry Standards Commission

The Anglican Church in Aotearoa New Zealand and Polynesia expects very high standards of behaviour from all its ministers and authorised leaders.  You can expect high standards of ministry from any of these people that you, family members or friends meet in a leadership, teaching or pastoral role in the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia.

These ministry standards apply to everyone in licensed Anglican ministry, and to non-licensed office holders, including:

    Ordained ministers (priests, deacons, bishops)

    Licensed lay ministers

    Licensed volunteer leaders


    Elected leaders (vestry, synod, committee, board members) who have signed a declaration

    Licensed youth leaders

    Licensed children’s workers

Misconduct occurs when any person from the above groups of people who is in a leadership, teaching or pastoral role violates boundaries (emotional, sexual, financial) with a parishioner, student, employee or staff member in a professional relationship.  Anyone can lodge a complaint about a person in the above list.

If you have experienced misconduct we encourage you to make a complaint so that the matter can be investigated.

To find out more about the ministry standards expected by the Anglican Church, go to: What are Ministry Standards?

To find out how the Church receives and responds to complaints, go to: About the Complaint Process

To make a complaint, go to: How to make a Complaint

The Ministry Standards Commission is an independent body appointed by the Church to oversee the Church’s ministry standards and the complaints process.

For more information please visit their website https://ministrystandards.org/ministry-standards-commission

Anglican Diocese of Waiapu Canons & Regulations Your Link

The Diocesan Office staff are contactable at the Napier office - 06 8358230