Youth, Children and Families - Messy Church

Young people, Children and Families

All around Waiapu parishes and churches are running activities to involve and to encourage children, young people, families and people of all ages to grow in their faith and knowledge of God.    We are a 'Safe Here' Diocese and plan our activities with the safety and protection of everyone in mind.

As a Diocese some of our key activities are:

  • Top Parish
  • Messy Church
  • Leadership Training for Youth - LT4Youth

Contact: For more information on any of these contact Jocelyn Czerwonka, Waiapu Koru Ministry Leader, email: 

Upcoming Events - Top Parish 2020

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Registration Documents (Information + Forms) can be downloaded by clicking here

This is our big annual Waiapu youth event held early each year, usually in March.    Young people gather from all over Waiapu, from as far away as Tolaga Bay on the East Coast, Weber in Southern Hawkes Bay, Taupo, Opotiki and beyond!    This is the weekend we go into battle for the Top Parish trophies as parish and school teams complete in the games, show their talent in 'Waiapu Got Talent', vote for the Bishop of the Day, and march and chant with their banners to impress the Bishops.    On Sunday we all gather for some amazing worship, followed by the Prize Giving.   This is a weekend not to be missed!

When: 13-15 March 2020

Where: Keswick Christian Camp, Rotorua

Who: Young people 10-18 years of age and their leaders

Theme:  "Where Your Treasure Is There Your Heart Is Also"

Messy Church - 'All ages doing Church together'    


Messy Church values are about being Christ-centred, for all ages, based on creativity, hospitality and celebration                                                                              

Messy Church is a very different way to do church.   I can't help but think Jesus would love getting messy with us all!   It overturns some of our traditional ways of being church and grounds all ages in 'doing church together'.   Siblings helping siblings, grandparents or 'wannabe' grandparents getting messy while painting with children; seniors playing 'Shoot the stars'; all ages singing and dancing together; nobody sitting still for long, but everyone chatting, engaging and reflecting on the Gospel message for the day.     And then there is the meal.   Sitting down at a table together, sharing the meal, more chatting, more reflecting, being 'family' together.

Messy Church is happening in many parishes throughout the Waiapu Diocese, usually on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon between 4-6pm.     Contact Jocelyn (details above) to find out if there is a Messy Church near you.


Leadership Training for Youth (LT4 Youth) for young people aged 12-18 years

'Raising Confident Young People, Committed to Faith, Service and Leadership'

'Leadership Training for Youth', or LT4Yth as it is now more commonly known, was launched in Waiapu in 2012.    Several young people have taken part in LT4Youth since then and have received 'Bishop of Waiapu Awards' on completion.   The goal of LT4Youth is to 'raise confident young people who are committed to faith, service and leadership'.

LT4Youth runs over two years and participants (minimum age 12 years) can join at any stage.   At the completion of the training participants will receive a 'Bishop of Waiapu Award' at a special award service.   They will have a huge sense of achievement, have made many new friends and will have grown in confidence to step out to whatever their calling in life may be.

What's involved?   LT4Youth is about partnership and support between young people, their parish/church, their mentor and the wider Diocese.   Parishes offer support by recognising and encouraging the potential leadership skills of young people and giving them opportunities to develop these skills in both the parish and community.

Mentors:   An important part of LT4Youth is mentoring.   Approved mentors support their mentees as they work through the LT4Youth modules.   They will meet with their mentee regularly and assist them to get involved in activities required to complete each module.    An example might be that if a young person has a passion for animals their mentor may arrange for them to do some voluntary work at the SPCA as practical input into their Care of Creation module.

Camps and Day-Outs are run around Waiapu to support those taking part in LT4Youth and enable them to meet other young people on the LT4Youth journey.

There are five modules to complete and these are based on the 5 Marks of Mission endorsed by the Anglican General Synod:

Oihi-Bay-Pilgrimage-LT4Yth-service-118.JPG  1. Telling our Story    2. Faith Formation     3. Serving Others    4. Social Justice    5. Creation and the Environment