‘The Gift Endures’

– a new history of Waiapu Diocese

The Diocese of Waiapu has had a rich and dramatic history of Christian mission through war and peace, prosperity and hardship.

Now, to celebrate our 150th birthday, and five decades after the last history was published, we have brought the story up to date in a major new book full of information, memories and illustrations.

The contributors, all with a deep knowledge of Waiapu and its past, are Bill Bennett, Dorothy Brooker, Philippa Chambers, George Connor, Stephen Donald, Neil Eagles, Jim Greenaway, Noel Hendery and Jon Williams. John Bluck is the co-ordinating editor and there is a foreword by Bishop David Rice.

‘The Gift Endures’ will be essential and enjoyable for everyone with an interest in the history of the Anglican Church in New Zealand.

Order your copy now at $30.00 including postage and packing from:

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