Parish Accounting

**July/August 2021 - Accounts Payable functions moving to use Approval Plus electronic systems

From July 2021, the Accounts Payable process for the Waiapu Diocese, Anglican Care Waiapu Social Services and the various Parishes will be moving to a new cloud-based system, Approval Plus.  This electronic system will be rolled out alongside training sessions that we are offering throughout the Bay of Plenty, Eastland and Hawkes Bay regions.

Each service and parish will be required to begin using the new system after receiving the final Go Live instructions from the Accounts Payable Administrator, Marianne Prowse, provided the various Preparers and Approvers in each parish/services have been through the Training/training materials provided.

Any issues can be directed to Marianne via email or by contacting the Waiapu Anglican Centre on 06 8358230.  For technical support, please contact Krystal Parkes (IT Systems Administrator) via or on 0210337997. 

PLEASE NOTE - Payment batches will be processed once a week at a minimum based on invoices that have been processed in ApprovalPlus.  The last payment batch to meet your 20th of the month will occur on the 20th or the week day closest to the 20th.  This will mean that all invoices will need to be approved prior to this date – 19th.  We recommend that all invoices be processed and approved on a regular basis (daily/weekly).

  • Currently expense claims or reimbursements will continue to be processed as normal.
  • Credit card expenditure will also continue to be processed as normal.

We will be looking to roll these new modules out in September and October 2021.  We will send out communications around this closer to the time.

Approval Plus Training Videos and Materials for reference:


What do we do?

All the accounting processing, accounts payable, and payroll work for the Parishes in the Parish Accounting Scheme and various other related entities.


All parishes share one bank account so it is imperative that all deposits are made using the specially printed deposit books, which includes the Parish ID reference in the details that appear on our bank statements.

All parishes must use the standard forms for communicating with the Napier Admin Centre. These forms can be found under the forms tab at  

To assist us with the large volumes of transaction we process every month it is imperative that you are clear in your instructions to us.

For example if you are sending in a reimbursement request please be very clear who we are reimbursing (it’s not always the person completing the paperwork!) and include bank account details if possible.

Also if you would like an invoice paid from funds invested with the Waiapu Board please send through the invoice approved for payment in the normal manner and it will be funded from your normal Parish Cheque Account, and then send through a separate request for us to transfer funds from your investment to you Parish Cheque Account to cover the payment. They are two separate transactions and require two separate sets of paperwork. 


Contacts for Parish Accounting:

All Parish Creditor Payments – phone 06 8339121 or email

All other Parish Queries, (Imprest Accounts, processing of deposits and bank statements – Phone 06 8339125 or email

Tracey O'Shaunghnessy for requesting fund transfers to or from the Waiapu Board Investment scheme or Parish Loan Scheme or if you have any issue with your Parish Financials. – Phone 06 833-9119or email